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Ingersoll Rand compressors

The IngersollRand compressors have replaced the De La Vergne compressor at an unknown date. They date from the pre-war period.


They were the first ones to receive our experimental treatment. The overall principle is that everything that does not adhere to the surface is removed, and the rust is brushed off with a metallic brush. We therefore do not strip away the existing paint integrally. The remaining paint will show the passing of time.


After cleaning the machines with soap and a hand brush with strong vegetal hair, we have a go at them with a pressure cleaner and check whether any rust or anything non-adherent is left. We then apply a first layer of antirust coating with a paintbrush. We have learned about this coating at the Winterslag thermal plant in the C-Mine in Belgian Limburg. We need two layers to ensure optimal protection. The tools can be cleaned with water, which is perfect for our workers.


The heritage authorities from the City Council and the Region have just approved the coating. Their approval was required because all these machines are listed. We will apply this coating on all our machines. 



The horizontal compressor before restoration


after cleaning 
after coating application
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