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European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritage

Brussels Museums Council (BMC) represents and works with nearly 100 museums of the Brussels-Capital Region, either federal, communal, communautarian or private. Dealing with art, technology, industry, sciences, folklore, literature, history and much more fields, they all present a different aspect of Brussels. The richness of their collections and the new vision they have on cultures from all around the world are simply amazing.

Sentinel of  Brussels Industrial Heritage

The aims of PIWB are mainly the protection and promotion of industrial heritage from the french speaking part of Belgium 

Europa Nostra is the voice for cultura heritage in Europa.

The InBev-Baillet Latour Fund  was created at the end of the 1970s upon the initiative of Alfred de Baillet Latour, manager without heir of the Artois breweries. Nowadays, the InBev-Baillet Latour Fund grants nearly 3 million euros yearly, mainly to four sectors representative of Belgian excellence at the international level: medical research, training, Belgian heritage and Olympic spirit.

The Baillet-Latour Fund is the main and essential benefactor of our Wielemans Machines project

Cultural Centre of Forest

Urban actions : conferences, publications, guided tours

Center for contemporary art

Independant association gathering citizen in order to increase urban life

The tourism information network of industrial heritage in Europe. 

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