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Electrical board

This is the nerve centre of any plant. All the electric commands started from there.

The board was massively damaged and vandalised: all the dials were either snatched away or demolished. 

Our work consists in unmounting all the dials and handles and brushing them to get rid of the rust.

We will then reinsert them in their slots after applying the antirust coating. We will add new dials, which will be identical to the ones still existing. We will clean the brass screws and replace the ones that are missing by iron screws, so that our intervention can be identify.

We will clean the marble boards with a special product that respects both the environment and our technicians. 


We will restore the stairs to their original state by replacing the risers and the upper platform, which have been heavily eroded. We will clean the wooden floor of the platform and replace the meter that is missing with similar wooden beams. 


We will clean the handles of the stairs and the platform in the same way as we cleaned the other machines. We will leave the brass parts visible. Finally, we will apply the antirust coating to all these parts, except the marble boards.

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